I rediscovered film photography in 2011. Since then I have been collecting and restoring old cameras to working condition, always preserving their original aspect and characteristics. My oldest lady is an English stand plate camera from 1890-1900 that I use occasionally but my daily companion is a Zeiss Super Ikonta 530A from 1937 with an uncoated Tessar lens that produces incredibly sharp images.


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Stand camera


Kodak brownie No 0 Box camera 127 film
Brownie No. 0 Mod. A
c. 1915
Kodak Folding Pocket Brownie red bellows 120 film camera
No. 2 Folding pocket brownie
c. 1910
Kodak No 2 Folding Pocket Autographic Meniscus lens Kodex shutter
No. 2 Autographic 
c. 1921
Kodak no 2 Autographic Folding Pocket Brownie
No. 1 Autographic
c. 1921

Zeiss Ikon

Carl Zeiss Super Ikonta 530 Range finder prewar camera with uncoated Tessar lens
Zeiss Super Ikonta 530/1
Carl Zeiss Super Ikonta 530 Rangefinder film prewar camera with uncoated tessar lens
Zeiss Super Ikonta 530/2

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