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Kodak Brownie No. 0, mod. A
c. 1915

Kodak Brownie No. 0, mod. A Box camera 127 film format meniscus lens

This affordable box camera by Kodak introduced in 1914 was built in cardboard in order to reduce its price. It uses 127 film, a rare medium format film but still available. 

Kodak Brownie No. 0, mod. A film loading back cover lid
Kodak Brownie No. 0, mod. A original leather carrying bag
Kodak portait lens attachement in original box
Kodak portrait lens attachement in original retail box

Mine is a present from my PhD director, Prof. Isabel del Val, who inherited it from her grand father. It is in mint condition, including its leather case and the portrait lens attachement.

Kodak Brownie No. 0, mod. A shutter mechanism CLA disassembled
Kodak Brownie No. 0, mod. A brilliant viewfinder mirror
Kodak Brownie No. 0, mod. A billiant viewfinder leathre carrying bag

Everything seemed in good condition but the shutter didn't work properly sometimes, so I took appart the front panel to clean the mechanism and the mirrors of the viewfinders. Everything looks now and the camera is ready for light leaks checking.

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