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Why do I shoot on film?

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Digital photography is predominant in these days and has obvious advantages in relation with traditional film photography. Now you don't need to send your rolls to the lab and you can share your images instantaneously with friends by using your mobile. In addition, your mobile camera is always at hand and ready for you to be fired.

Digital technologies when used wisely are the best solutions for many necessities, but they often boost the current culture of immediacy and impatience. There is no time for thinking about things, but only for doing them without reflection and to achieve short term goals. Next to that, the consumerism that dominates the western culture, often distract people's attention from essential to trivial aspects of life. Everybody wants an £1000 Iphone with a million terapixels camera but very few know what the deep of field or an f-stop are. Skills are unsuccessfully replaced by technical means.

But there are still so many professional and amateur photographers (and some snobs) who still shoot on film. What is worth the nuisance of changing the roll film every 16 shots, the inconveniences of developing them with smelly chemicals and the need of having a proper place for a darkroom?

Well, traditional film photography allows you to produce high quality images with a particular aesthetics, pushes your creativity, strengthens your artistic sensitivity and makes you happier.

Do you shoot on film? Tell us why!

Zeiss Super Ikonta 530/2


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