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About us

As a historian of technology, I love to use historical obsolete instruments to understand how life was in the past. I learned the basics of traditional film photography in my father's darkroom in the 1990's but my interest in old film cameras began in Cambrige 2011. Then I came across with a Kodak bellows camera from the 1920's and decided to load it with film. After processing the film, printing some copies and hanging them on the wall, I rediscovered the magic of the darkroom and decided to spend more time in film photography.

Since then I have built up a collection of vintage medium format cameras, including several pre war Zeiss Super Ikonta's and a Rolleiflex Old Standard which I use as often as I can. I also own a brass and wood plate camera from c. 1900 which takes 4x5" negatives and produces astonishingly detailed images.

_DSC0476 b&n.jpg
_DSC0476 b&n.jpg

During the last decade I have tried different genres developing a particular preference for cityscapes and street photography. After seven years taking photos and developing films, I had built up a collection of argentic images and decided to show them online. 

This photo of me was taken by a passer-by whose name I can't remember. If that were you, please contact me.

The particular aesthetics of traditional film photography makes it ideal to create stylish spaces with a warm touch.


I love film photography and always put all my soul in it.

Victor Perez wet hair b&w flipped.jpg
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