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Rolleiflex 'Old Standard'

The Old Standard models were in the market between 1932 and 1938. The low serial number 207.040 of our Rolleiflex 621 ‘Old Standard’ dates it in 1932. Its taking lens is an uncoated f3.8 Tessar on a Compur shutter with a speed range between 1 and 1/300s. The viewing lens is an Heliar Anastigmatic.
It comes in its original leather case, which is in very good condition. When TheObsoleteCamera® acquired this camera, it was extraordinarily dirty, the shutter was flooded with oil and everything was sticky. We needed to take it apart until the last screw to clean every part deeply and adjusting the mechanism. Many camera repairers like to replace the mirror and the focusing screen of the Old Standard’s to make focusing easier but we decided to keep the original parts. We also eliminated the thick layer of black paint that an unskilled one applied on the front top plate, hiding the brand and the serial number of the camera. We left the plate bare for now, but we will paint it in the future. New light seals were also fitted and, after adjusting the lens and the shutter speeds, the camera is ready to rock the streets.
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