stand camera

I purchased this beauty during my stay in Cambridge in 2011. Its previous owner had inherited it from his grandfather, who worked in a pottery factory making photos for the sales catalogues of the company. When I received it in my home it was in poor condition, but after a deep restoration process it came back to life.

The brass overlays lacquer was damaged and impede to set up the camera easily. I took apart everything to remove the old lacquer, polish the brass and finish it with new lacquer.

The lens metal parts had similar issues and the shutter was stuck, so I needed to take appart everything for cleaning, polishing and finishing. I lacquered some parts and nickel-plated others as they were before. The incredibly simple two blades shutter was dirty and the diaphragm didn't work properly because one blade had a broken pin. 

Now the lens looks like new. I wasn't able to restore the original shutter speeds, but it isn't a major issue because they are consistent and I often use the T mode for long exposures.

And that's me enjoying my toy!

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